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Danny Sullivan Group achieve prestigious FIR Certification

DSG achieve FIR Embedded Level 4 Certification.

Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) has successfully achieved the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR) Growth Assessment Embedded Level, becoming the first organisation in the construction industry to attain this new, prestigious certification.

In 2018, DSG began its journey with the CITB Be Fair process and by 2019, were the first labour provider to have achieved the accreditation, before going on to be certified on the FIR Embedded Level in 2022.

Due to its previous journey of embedding FIR across the organisation through the CITB Be Fair achievements and ongoing commitment and leadership in setting best practice across the industry, DSG were approached by the Director of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Ian Heptonstall, to be a pioneer partner for this innovative EDI assessment maturity matrix tool. This new matrix has been developed by National Highways (NH), CITB and the SCSS and reviewed by NH, HS2, TfL and Network Rail as clients along with CECA and a range of Tier 1 contractors including Skanska, Osborne, Bam, Vinci and Balfour Beatty.

The certification process requires companies to submit a range of FIR-related physical and aural evidence – through informal interviews – for independent review. Following a rigorous process, DSG were ultimately successful in attaining the prized certification.

Ian Hepstonall said, “I’m delighted to hear that Danny Sullivan Group are the first organisation to reach “Embedded” status on the FIR Growth Assessment. Having worked with the group for several years it is good to see them getting the independent assessment and recognition for all the great work they are doing to embed a culture of fairness, inclusion and respect into their organisation. I know they’ll get many benefits from this work, but we shouldn’t overlook the benefits that accrue more widely to our industry when a leading supplier of skilled and professional labour takes a lead in this way.”

Through a broad ranging FIR programme that includes various innovative programmes such as: EDI training, delivering a bespoke e-learning pathway in partnership with SCSS, mental health champion programme, revised FIR policies and inclusive employment programmes designed to attract a diverse workforce, DSG have proven themselves to be the trailblazers of FIR within the construction industry.

Speaking of the amazing achievement, Managing Director of the Danny Sullivan Group, Tim O’Sullivan said,

 “I’m thrilled to announce that the Danny Sullivan Group has achieved the prestigious Embedded Level of the Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect Certification, making us the first company in the construction industry to do so. Since the foundation of the Danny Sullivan Group by my father, fairness, inclusion, and respect for all in the workplace have formed the pillars of our business. We pride ourselves on being leaders within the industry and have never just spoken about our values, we have lived them every single day of our existence. I’m so proud of the team in achieving this certification and pleased that our efforts to make the workplace more inclusive and supportive for our people have been recognised in this way.”