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As a labour only supplier to the railway, security and construction industries, Danny Sullivan Group Ltd believes it needs to make a significant contribution to protecting the environment. We believe that growth in our overall business, undertaken responsibly and efficiently, will create a sustainable future for both the business and the environment.

Danny Sullivan Group has achieved ISOJ4001: 2015 accreditation.

Danny Sullivan Group Ltd has produced a robust sustainability standard to cover their goals, objectives and aspirations that include their vision for 2020.

We also recognise however that our clients/main contractors' business operations consume resources but, at the same time need to protect the environment. Hence we are committed, by working with our client s/main contractors to improving their environmental performance through global engagement, energy security, maximizing conservation, a measured and flexible approach, broad equitable treatment, enabling technology and transparency and specifically, minimising their overall environmental impacts, including disposal of plant, equipment, and other physical assets as far as reasonably practicable.

Danny Sullivan Group Ltd will therefore:

  • Comply with all applicable compliance obligations and with our client s/main contractors' policy.
  • Work proactively and determinedly with our clients and main contractors to prevent pollution incidents and improve the efficiency of waste management, including a commitment to recycle materials where reasonably practicable as directed by our clients/main contractors.
  • Provide the management resources necessary to implement these strategies.
  • Maintain a register of environmental activities, aspects & impacts.
  • Deliver, manage and own sustainable infrastructure that helps communities and individuals live within environmental limits and provide our clients with innovative solutions in accordance with our and their ethical frameworks.
  • Fulfill our organisation's obligations.
  • Continually improve our environmental management system to enhance our environmental performance.



It is the policy of Danny Sullivan Group Ltd to maintain and improve our position as labour suppliers to the civil engineering, security and railway industries by providing our services to a level of quality, cost,performance and reliability that will satisfy or exceed the requirements of our customers.

The company achieved IS0900 1 accreditation in 2006.

In order to ensure a culture of continual quality improvement, all personnel are required to carry out their tasks in a systematic manner, in accordance with the prescribed process or procedures that have been designed to minimise the occurrence of any discrepancy and to determine the cause and take effective corrective or preventative action when they occur.

To maintain and improve our position, we will encourage the participation of all stakeholders of the company, industry employees and suppliers, in determining areas for improvement, and will ensure that appropriate objectives are established for delivering these improvements.

Regular review of our quality policy will ensure that we remain on target to achieve our mission.

Meeting or exceeding our annual business objectives is dependent on the performance of all areas and staff and is therefore a collective responsibility. Plans for defining and achieving these objectives will be documented and implemented.


Danny Sullivan Group will deliver, manage and own sustainable infrastructure that helps communities and individuals live within environmental limits and provide our clients with innovative solutions in accordance with our and their ethical frameworks. Danny Sullivan Group has a Gold Standard accreditation from the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

We know that Danny Sullivan Group’s impact on climate change, resource depletion and the expectations of our clients, employees and society will continue to intensify. These impacts will affect us all in our personal, as well as our work lives. We want to make sure that the Group play’s a significant role in helping our clients to make sustainable choices.

Our sustainability road map focuses on areas covering:
• Our clients
• Our employees
• The communities we serve
• Climate change
• Waste
• Water
• Materials
• Ecology

This sustainability roadmap will be developed to create a sustainable Danny Sullivan Group by 2020.

We want to see our clients, partners, employees and communities thriving in a future which is environmentally and socially sustainable.

Although 2020 is a long way off, we have identified the current minimum expectations for our journey towards a sustainable company. The challenge ahead will be difficult but sustainability will be embedded in everything we do. This means that Danny Sullivan Group must be focused on this challenge as we all have a responsibility to make our company’s sustainability happen.

Timothy O’Sullivan
Managing Director
September 2018

Timothy discusses our business ethos

Timothy O'Sullivan, Managing Director, discusses our business ethos...

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Ethics and Values

The Danny Sullivan Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the company’s employees and of those people who may be affected by our activities, including members of the public.

Find out more about our ethincs and values below: