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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) is committed to the principles and practices of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

By embracing CSR, the DSG integrates social and environmental concerns into their business operations and into their interaction with their stakeholders. These principles and practices into the DSG’s existing policies, processes and systems for the benefit of our staff and the wider community.

DSG wants to be trusted as an organisation that is:

  • Transparent and ethical in all its dealings
  • Making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate

DSG want to continually improve its policies, procedures & processes so they will remain sustainable for the future.

DSG is a family-managed business, based on family values, integrated into our business values.

These values meet the expectations of our

  • Staff
  • Clients
  • Stakeholders

These include:

  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Stakeholders
  • Suppliers
  • The community
  • The environment

DSG is committed to a set of core values in the following areas:

  • Customer relations
  • Environment
  • Ethical procurement
  • Health
  • Governance
  • Quality
  • People
  • Safety
  • Sustainability

DSG understand that these core values are fundamental to our business and these core values will be evident in our actions and policies.

DSG’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy will be successfully implemented with the support of all employees through the following corporate policies and procedures:

Our performance against the above policies and the commitments therein will be monitored, measured and reviewed against the policy statement on a bi-monthly basis by the company directors and senior managers.

Timothy O’Sullivan
Managing Director
September 2018

Timothy discusses our business ethos

Timothy O'Sullivan, Managing Director, discusses our business ethos...

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Ethics and Values

The Danny Sullivan Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the company’s employees and of those people who may be affected by our activities, including members of the public.

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