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Ex-armed Forces

We are proud to have signed the Armed Forces covenant and, as official partners with Anascena, are encouraging other organisations to do the same. We are committed to helping ex-armed forces personnel reintegrate into successful civilian life and help build a structured career path.


Through our partnership with Anascena, we help Veterans who have left the forces to find a trade that allows them to apply the knowledge, skills and experience they have gained in the military to a role in the construction industry. Danny Sullivan Group and Anascena have an unparalleled understanding of the skills and ambitions that Veterans bring to the employment market. Together, we also have a proven track record of helping all ranks, backgrounds and services to find and remain in work within the industry. In 2018/19, with our partners, we aim to provide employment support to over 200 Veterans UK wide. Danny Sullivan Group will do this with the support from our Ex-Armed Forces Danny Sullivan Group Ambassador, Air Commodore Rick Peacock-Edwards. To view Rick’s biographer click here.

We admire the attributes that an individual from the Armed Forces can bring to a role within our company, such as discipline, leadership, team-player, good under pressure, determination and flexibility to adapt to any environment. These qualities, which are essential in the Armed Forces, are also highly sought-after within the fast paced construction sites that Danny Sullivan Group operates on. The Veterans that engage in our ex-armed forces scheme will be initially placed on our career development programme where they will be interviewed and accessed. This will ensure that the individual is placed in the most appropriate trade for their skills and experience. We also offer Veterans to participate in our Apprenticeship scheme, in partnership with Geasons, which will provide them with upskilling opportunities and the ability to learn a new trade.

armed forces covenant

Ethics and Values

The Danny Sullivan Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the company’s employees and of those people who may be affected by our activities, including members of the public.

Find out more about our ethincs and values below: