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Fairness, Inclusion and Respect / Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy Statement.

The DSG will agree a strategic plan to achieve and progress the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect (FIR)/Equality, Diversity & Inclusion requirements. DSG will prepare an action plan and ensure resource allocations are in place to meet the FIR requirements.

DSG will use equality impact assessments or similar processes and ensure budget provision has been made to allow for positive actions and the development of FIR/EDI strategies, documentation, training and any work that needs to be done within the community.

DSG will appoint a FIR/EDI representative at senior management level to ensure the FIR/EDI agenda is adopted across the organisation and they will embed FIR requirements to enable staff to talk about the different elements of FIR/EDI and make them aware that the organisation is promoting the Be Fair programme.

New Board members will be fully briefed on the existing Board’s commitment to FIR/EDI principles. FIR/EDI will be a permanent item on all Board agendas and DSG will ensure that the FIR/EDI representative is able to fulfil meeting actions. Wherever possible steps will be taken to ensure that the Board are working towards recruitment of under-represented groups onto the Board.

Staff meetings will be in place that focus on FIR/EDI requirements and the responsible person will make all staff aware of FIR/EDI information and roles

It is the policy of DSG to ensure that all FIR/EDI representatives, relevant staff, board members and senior management have been able to attend training. In addition, the Board Chair will be given further training/coaching to understand fairness, inclusion and respect (FIR)/equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) barriers. Staff also needs to see that their comments and/or ideas are being acted upon.

DSG will outline the FIR/EDI agenda to clients and explain the organisation’s commitment to the Be Fair Framework and how the client might obtain more information if they require it.

DSG will introduce key performance indicators or a similar system to measure the impact of FIR/EDI initiatives within construction teams and, where appropriate, report progress to clients. Updates will clearly illustrate how the FIR/EDI initiatives are progressing and how things are moving forward.

DSG will demonstrate effective links with communities. E.g. ensure that the Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS), or similar practices that meet the same criteria, have been implemented and are fully understood. They will also carry out research to assess the needs of nearby community / client groups. They will also demonstrate how communities have been consulted on the planned programme of works and their built environment needs and provide full information to residents regarding what they can expect from the appointed contractors and their workers. They will also encourage residents to use a feedback process if expectations are not met.

DSG will engage in activities to encourage young people into the industry by building relationships with schools and colleges and where relevant encourage local businesses to apply for work tenders.

DSG will give consideration to any legitimate requests with regards to the composition of the workforce.

DSG will ensure buildings and environments meet minimum standards in relation to FIR/EDI and where necessary, ensure equality impact assessments are carried out to prevent design plans from having a negative effect.

DSG will carry out networking or wider promotional events and ensure that the process considers a varied range of different groups. They will ban all networking that could be considered inappropriate against the FIR/EDI expectations.

It is the policy of the Danny Sullivan Group Ltd, to be committed to promoting a supportive and inclusive culture both for our employees and for those of our partners and supply chain members. Only by integrating the individual strengths of our employees, partners and supply chain members will we maximise efficiency and creativity and at the same time deliver a better customer service.

The Danny Sullivan Group Ltd is also committed to FIR/EDI through promoting equal opportunities, and being against discrimination in our policies and practices. The Danny Sullivan Group Ltd will not discriminate against individuals or groups on the grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation. The Danny Sullivan Group Ltd will be anti-discriminatory and inclusive of those communities and groups that have traditionally been marginalised in society.

In addition, the Danny Sullivan Group Ltd support and fully comply with the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code that states requires

  • Employment is freely chosen
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Child labour shall not be used
  • Living wages are paid
  • Working hours are not excessive
  • No discrimination is practiced
  • Regular employment is provided
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

Timothy O’Sullivan

Managing Director

September 2018 


Timothy discusses our business ethos

Timothy O'Sullivan, Managing Director, discusses our business ethos...

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Ethics and Values

The Danny Sullivan Group is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the company’s employees and of those people who may be affected by our activities, including members of the public.

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