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Timothy & Kacey Complete 969 Mile Cycling Challenge in Aid of the National Brain Appeal

They did it!

After 9 days, 969 miles of riding and 50,000ft of climbing Timothy and Kacey crossed the finish line on Sunday, 17 September at John O’ Groat’s to a wonderful welcome, hand-in-hand and feeling truly exhausted and elated!

It was an incredible adventure and a real test of their minds and bodies to complete the journey. Each day brought different challenges (including different climates!), but being a part of one of the most iconic rides in cycling has been a very rewarding experience for them.

From the bottom of their hearts Timothy and Kacey want to THANK each and every one of you for being part of their journey; your incredibly generous donations and wonderful messages of support have made every moment of this worthwhile, and certainly made the pain of those saddle sores easier to endure!

They have been overwhelmed by your support for the National Brain Appeal charity. Timothy and Kacey are very proud to announce that they have raised an incredible £52,000 in online fundraising to date. It is testament to Danny's own charitable nature that you have all given so generously to this wonderful organisation, one that has saved his life and that of many others. What you have done for the charity, and how you have supported them on their journey, will make Danny incredibly proud. The funds raised will create a huge positive impact on the lives of those who depend on the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London and Timothy and Kacey, their families and many, many thousands of others are eternally grateful for that.

There is still time to donate if you have not already done so – check out the link here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/timothy-o-sullivan2.

Timothy & Kacey Complete 969 Mile Cycling Challenge in Aid of the National Brain Appeal