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Tideway Tunnel Super Sewer construction milestone

The secondary lining of London’s new super sewer’s 7km western section has been completed, marking a significant milestone for the Tideway project.

Secondary lining is required to strengthen the super sewer and create a smooth surface for flows to travel once the sewer is operational in 2025. It is poured wet, in situ, around a massive machine called a’shutter’.

The secondary lining works in the western section began in March 2021 and required over 800 individual concrete pours to complete the journey from Acton to Fulham in south-west London. Approximately 48,000m3 of concrete was used to create the secondary lining in this section of tunnel.

The concrete was batched on-site at the Carnwath Road Riverside site in Fulham and delivered to the six shutters by concrete trains known as bullets to a pump located on a logistics crossing within the tunnel.

The tunnel boring machine Rachel completed the main drive of the 6.9m internal diameter, 7km tunnel in late 2020, and the team is now preparing the site for the secondary lining of the main shaft at Carnwath Road Riverside.

Danny Sullivan Group is proud to be a part of this significant project; it is a fantastic accomplishment, and it has been exciting to see how it has progressed over the years through hard work.

Danny Sullivan Group Operations Manager, Micky Swainsbury, commented on the achievement saying:

“This has been a true testament of hard work, dedication and shear ambition from the BMB project team’s and all involved, and we at DSG are very privileged to be included.

BMB Tideway West has been truly leading the way with the Tideway Tunnel project with its completion of the secondary lining. Along with BMB’s clear vision of clearing the River Thames, Its has saved 1000’s of dangerous vehicles moving around the busy hustle and bustle of London roads, and been a key employer to Londoners, local counties and the UK.

BMB Tideway West is an unparalleled example of civil engineering and tunnelling in this city, and although this project has been working tirelessly below ground and out of view for many in London, this amazing project will serve the great capital for many years to come”.