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Problem solving & Innovation

Innovation and Collaboration
With about our innovative practices and solution focused mindset, we believe the best way of working within the construction industry is through collaborating with partners, clients and competitors to achieve the highest potential and reach a common goal together.

This fits in nicely with our mantra; ‘Through teamwork we can achieve the extraordinary’.

We are a part of various projects that have an Integrated Labour Desk, and are able to work closely with other organisations to meet and exceed KPI’s, supply a diverse skilled workforce and leave a lasting legacy within the communities we work. 


Our robust in-house training academy ensures that our workforce is qualified for the work they are undertaking.

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Recruitment & onboarding

We pride ourselves on the recruitment and retention of a diverse, multi-skilled labour force who provide excellent workmanship. Our dynamic and innovative recruitment process allows us to broaden our pools and enables us to employ such a diverse team. Some of our techniques include:

  • Working in partnership with charities, prisons and other organisations who are helping under-represented people find work.
  • Our recruitment app will enable people to find our live jobs easier and register their interest much faster
  • We provide our own drug & alcohol testing as we have a zero-tolerance policy