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Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. The Three Pillars of Sustainability are defined as; Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability.

Sustainable development requires a holistic consideration of environmental, social and economic issues in the decision-making process. A sustainable built environment will deliver and manage buildings and infrastructure that provide greater satisfaction; increased well-being and value to users. It also enables greater social value to be delivered, reduces risk and respects and treats stakeholders more fairly, enhancing and protecting the natural environment, minimising the impact, the consumption of energy and natural resources as well as making the industry more profitable and more competitive. Taking a sustainable approach will encourage us to think more about the true value and costs of our activities and consider the impacts we might be having on the environment and society.

At Danny Sullivan Group, our basis for monitoring and measuring our environmental performance is through our ISO:14001 accredited Environmental Management System (EMS). This includes our Plan, Do, Check, Act approach to environmental management and in our role as supplier to major contractors that are setting their net zero targets to 2045. The HSEQ team maintain an auditing and monitoring programme to achieve environmental compliance and to inform KPIs, enabling continuous improvement.

We are currently reducing our CO2 footprint through energy efficiency measures and a series of other changes that have been implemented throughout the business such as:

As an ethical business, we believe that businesses need to make a significant contribution to protecting the environment. We believe that growth in our overall business, undertaken responsibly and efficiently, will create a sustainable future for both the business and the environment. To support this, we have achieved the Ethical Labour Sourcing BES 6002 accreditation. This accreditation assessed our ethical busines practices, management policies and systems, compliance and assurance, HR, learning and development and reporting across our business.

As a family run business underpinned by a set of family values, huge investment is made to support our people and the communities where we operate. We have a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility department who support our people and the projects that we operate on through a wide range of CSR led initiatives. This includes;

We are also Gold partners of the Supply Chain Sustainability School and form part of their infrastructure leadership board. We work very closely with the school to implement and continually develop our sustainability strategy, ensuring that consideration of environmental, social and economic issues form part of the decision-making process across our business.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Danny Sullivan Group, we are committed to developing our employees and to leaving the communities that we are involved in better off by building a legacy of real change that will last for generations to come.

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