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Our Values

Danny Sullivan Group brings open and effective communication – together with our team you can achieve more.

We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service – excel to be better every day. Our focus is on teamwork within our organisation and with clients – genuine collaboration that recognises teams achieve what individuals cannot. We exercise a constant stream of trust and respect – treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

We devolve, empower and support – work with clients to understand business needs. We ensure that we act and communicate with integrity. We are client focused – balance service response and quality with client need. We are pioneers in innovation and creativity – develop unique strategies to provide skilled labour on the ground.

Be Fair

  • Ensure an equal, diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Support vulnerable groups
  • Minimise our impact on the environment
  • Provide fair pay, rigorous data and financial management

Be Committed

  • Teamwork
  • Work with clients
  • Work with our competitors to deliver a common goal
  • Find innovative solutions to work more efficiently

career paths at Danny Sullivan

Be Well

  • People are the core of all that we do
  • Get everyone home safely everyday
  • Influence the culture of the workplace to always do the right thing
  • Focus on the worker
  • Focus on wellbeing

Be Courageous

  • Deliver the best quality staff to our customers
  • Highest level of education, training and opportunities for our staff
  • Exceed expectation
  • Always go the extra mile

Our business in numbers

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