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Championing Success: How Danny Sullivan Group Empower Career Journeys

At the Danny Sullivan Group (DSG), we firmly believe that everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, deserves the opportunity to thrive in their professional endeavors.

As part of learning disability awareness week, we had the pleasure of talking with Daniel Morgan, a determined and skilled individual with neurodiversity. Partnering with and attending EDI events underscores the profound impact of tailored support and opportunities for individuals with additional learning needs. With the collaboration of HIVE College and industry partners, DSG played a pivotal role in guiding Daniel to a successful work placement, highlighting the transformative power of inclusivity in the workplace.

The Journey Begins: HIVE College Networking Event

HIVE College, an institution dedicated to supporting young adults with disabilities, hosted an employer networking event aimed at bridging the gap between students and potential employers. This event, focused on building essential life and work skills where Suki Dhillon-Basra from Danny Sullivan Group and bmJV who was eager to explore new partnerships and opportunities for students like Daniel.

A Standout Presentation and a New Opportunity

During the event, Daniel delivered an inspiring presentation about his internship at KEIR Highways, which showcased his passion and capability. Motivated by his story bmJV initiated discussions with bmJV M6 site manager, about a potential work placement for Daniel. The site manager was impressed and agreed to offer Daniel a six-week placement, two days a week, facilitated through DSG.

Preparation and Placement

Before starting his placement, Daniel underwent training to obtain his CSCS card, ensuring he was well-prepared for the role. His six-week placement at the M6 site was a resounding success, with Daniel proving to be an invaluable asset to the team. His enthusiasm and commitment shone through as he engaged with tasks ranging from arboriculture to understanding the emergency recovery area system on the M6.

Daniel’s Reflection on His Experience

Reflecting on his time at the M6 site, Daniel shared his excitement: “Working on the highway fascinates me because of the building of things and understanding how Birmingham is all connected. I’ve had experience using tools and learning about the emergency recovery area system on the M6.” His words reflect not only his passion but also the growth and development he experienced during his placement.

The Ripple Effect: Who Benefited?

Daniel Morgan:

HIVE College:

Employers and Industry Partners:

A Continuing Partnership

The positive outcomes of Daniel’s placement have reinforced DSG’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and providing support for individuals with learning disabilities. Daniel continues to work with DSG to secure his next placement in Birmingham, a testament to his determination and the effectiveness of the support provided.

Daniel’s journey is a powerful example of how individuals with learning disabilities can excel when given the right support and opportunities. At Danny Sullivan Group, we are proud to have played a part in his success and remain dedicated to empowering more individuals like Daniel to achieve their full potential. By continuing to collaborate with institutions like HIVE College and industry partners, we strive to create a more inclusive and supportive working environment for all.