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Empowering Women in Construction

To all the women considering a career in construction: Do it! Don’t let stereotypes hold you back.

– Sonia Chahil, Head of DSG Academy

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, women are carving out their place and leaving their mark in construction. As part of International Women’s Day 2024, we spoke with Sonia Chahil, Head of DSG Academy, whose passion for the challenge and creativity of construction led her to pursue a career in this dynamic field.

In this candid Q&A, she shares her experiences as a woman in construction, particularly within the supportive environment of the Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) and offers advice to other women considering a similar path.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the construction industry, and what has your experience been like working in a typically male-dominated field?

Inspired by the challenge and creativity inherent in construction, I embraced this field despite its male-dominated nature. My journey has been about breaking stereotypes and proving that gender doesn’t limit capability. Despite the initial challenges, I find immense fulfilment in shattering preconceptions and contributing to transformative projects.

Can you share any specific instances where you felt supported and valued as a woman in the construction industry, particularly within the Danny Sullivan Group?

Within the Danny Sullivan Group, I’ve felt incredibly supported and valued for my contributions as a woman in construction. The culture of inclusivity and respect, from leadership to peers, empowers me to thrive and excel in my role.

How do you think the culture at DSG contributes to the success and satisfaction of women working in construction?

The culture at DSG fosters an environment where diversity is proudly celebrated. Women are not just welcomed but actively celebrated for their contributions. With initiatives promoting equality and opportunities for growth, it’s no surprise that women excel here.

How has working at the Danny Sullivan Group impacted your career growth and aspirations?

Working at DSG has been exceptionally empowering for my career growth. As the female Head of Academy in a male-dominated sector, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and shape talent in an environment that fosters personal growth. It has empowered me to drive meaningful change within the industry and work towards closing the gender gap.

What would you say to other women considering a career in construction?

To all the women considering a career in construction: Do it! Don’t let stereotypes hold you back. Embrace the challenge, seek support networks, and believe in your abilities. The industry needs your talent and perspective.

In summary, Sonia’s journey serves as a testament to the resilience and determination of women in construction. Through her experiences at DSG, she has not only broken barriers but also inspired others to pursue a career in the sector. As the industry continues to evolve, stories like Sonia’s remind us of the importance of fostering inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.