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On World Environment Day 2020 we pledge to continue to protect & preserve our world for future generations

Today marks #worldenvironmentday2020, which this year is themed around biodiversity.

2020 has demonstrated how strongly our society is connected with the natural world that we live in.The Worldwide disruption of Covid-19 has allowed us to witness first-hand the extreme impact that we are having on the world around us and proves that protecting our biodiverse planet should be at the forefront of our industry.

The Air is cleaner, the water is cleaner, Co2 emissions have reduced, wildlife is thriving and has even been spotted in cities. Most of us have been exercising and enjoying the outdoor life much more now than ever before. Nature has a way of connecting us to better physical and mental health so today on World Environment Day we want to stress the importance of protecting our environment, especially as we slowly go back to a new normal following this pandemic.

We need to ensure that our everyday lives have a positive impact on the world around us and that we pledge to continue to protect and preserve it so that our future generations can enjoy it as much as we have. #worldenvironmentday #thereisnoplanetb #biodiversity