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Balfour Beatty calls to join Code of Ethics

Balfour Beatty is encouraging its supply chain partners to sign on to a new Code of Ethics.

The company has decided to abandon its prescriptive Code of Conduct in favour of a Code of Ethics that outlines key principles that it expects its employees and supply chain to follow.

The ‘Doing the Right Thing’ Code is supported by a Speak Up hotline that promises whistleblowers confidentiality or anonymity.

Balfour CEO Leo Quinn stated that the code and accompanying Supplier Standards would become part of Balfour Beatty contracts and ongoing relationship framework with suppliers in the future.

He said: “The Code of Ethics sets out clearly the principles for conducting our business that should guide us in our everyday decision-making and ensure we act with integrity.

“The Code applies everywhere, every day to everyone who works with and for us.”

Quinn added “It tells others what they can expect of and from us, the standards we set ourselves in being “Trusted” and how we ensure that our decisions and actions are consistent with our values.

“We expect our employees and those who work with us to read it, make sure your teams do the same, and complete the training that supports it.

“We encourage everyone to strive to comply with the spirit of the Code and to know that we will always support you if you do the right thing. Each of us has a personal and collective responsibility to make sure our business is worthy of the trust others place in us.”

Danny Sullivan Group is committed to being a responsible employer and looks forward to participating in a fantastic initiative that will undoubtedly make the construction industry a better place.

Inclusion, Respect, and Employee Wellbeing are key components of the code of ethics, which is something we at the Danny Sullivan Group take pride in, which led to us achieving the Fairness, Inclusion, and Respect Embedded level Certification, making us the first organisation in the construction industry to do so.

Original article: Aaron Morby