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IWD 2023 Maria’s Story

Throughout the week we have been celebrating women in construction. Today we have Maria’s story.  

I decided to pursue a career in the construction industry as I wanted to make a big change in career, I felt construction was the place I really wanted to be.

I am working as a slinger/signaller, and I work with crane operators lifting machinery and equipment.  People think this is a job only for men but that is not true at all.  I have been working as a slinger for three years now and soon I will be working towards becoming a crane supervisor. 

If you are unsure about taking up a career in construction my advice to you would be to just get stuck in and do it. It’s not a scary industry for women, it’s a place you can learn and progress and with the Danny Sullivan Group (DSG), you are valued and supported.

I very much recommend a career in construction to other women because not only is it is an industry where we need to see more representation but because there are jobs for everyone, men, women – it is a place where we can all work and support each other in getting the job done.

Women In Construction Week

This week also happens to be Women In Construction Week – a week that celebrates women working in construction and runs from 5 – 11 March. For more information visit

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