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Becky’s Journey: From Apprentice to Success Story

Becky Harris, DSG Regional Support Partner

Embarking on an 18-month Level 3 Business Administration course might sound challenging, but for Becky, it was the gateway to a stream of possibilities. Her apprenticeship journey kicked off in March 2022, where she gained essential skills that set the foundation for her career.

Becky’s commitment to taking on an apprenticeship was unwavering. The course was challenging, but the qualification she would obtain at the end, made the push worth it. Regional support from her colleagues at the Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) and Skanska Costain Strabag (SCS) armed her with two years of industry experience which laid the groundwork for career success.

With three days at DSG and two days with SCS, Becky seamlessly transitioned into her apprenticeship, learning on the job with one dedicated apprentice workday per week – a true “learn while you earn” experience. Becky’s big leap into a new role with DSG as a Regional Support Partner was supported by Ruairi Coffey, DSG’s Head of Social Value, Skills, and People Development, and Noel Burns, Head of Operational Delivery, due to her completing her apprenticeship course with flying colours.

Looking ahead, the next few years promise exciting opportunities for Becky as she hopes to venture into the operations team as a Labour Manager. Undertaking this apprenticeship boosted Becky’s confidence levels, one of the key takeaways from her apprenticeship, empowering her to pursue ambitious career goals.

But Becky’s story doesn’t end with her own success. Inspired by her journey, she played a pivotal role in encouraging her colleague, Katie Ryan, to embark on the same apprenticeship course. For Becky, it’s not just about personal achievement; it’s about inspiring others to embrace the apprenticeship route and its fantastic opportunities.

Becky emphasises the concept of “Skills for Life” gained through her apprenticeship – a boost in confidence, acquisition of new skills, and the expansion of knowledge both inside and outside the workplace. Having completed a Travel & Tourism course in 2020, Becky recognises that the real-world experience gained through apprenticeships surpasses traditional classroom learning.

In her own words, “enrolling in the L3 Essential Site Skills – Business Admin apprenticeship in partnership with DSG was one of the best decisions I ever made. Even in moments of doubt, the support and guidance available helped me navigate through challenges, emerging stronger and more prepared for the world of work.”

Becky’s story is a testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships, proving that the journey may be challenging, but undeniably rewarding. For those considering the apprenticeship path, Becky’s experience is a testament to the incredible possibilities that unfold when you choose to learn, grow, and succeed through apprenticeships.

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