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Errol’s journey to success

Errol Lodge, Supervisor at The Danny Sullivan Group

In the fast-paced construction and civil engineering environment, the journey of an individual can speak volumes about a company’s culture and values. Errol Lodge’s seven-year career at the Danny Sullivan Group (DSG) is a prime example of how a company can foster growth, provide opportunities, and create a sense of belonging.

Since joining DSG, Errol has experienced significant professional growth – starting as a Traffic Marshal, he quickly rose to the position of Supervisor.  His dedication and hard work has enabled him to complete Level 2 in Construction Operations and Civil Engineering Services, and Level 3 in Occupational Works Supervision thanks to DSG’s commitment to employee development and training.

Looking ahead Errol’s aspirations don’t stop here.  With ambitions to gain his slinger’s ticket and explore opportunities in supervisory roles, he is well on his way to success thanks to DSG’s approach to nurturing and supporting staff to be the best they can be and making an impact in all they do, every single day.

With DSG’s provision of learning opportunities through its training division, DSG Academy, Errol’s ambitions are realised, thanks to DSG’s commitment to shaping successful careers for everyone.

Errol said: “If you’re thinking of a job in construction, you will not regret joining the Danny Sullivan Group. The support, training, and sense of being valued are what makes DSG stand out from the crowd for me”. 

A career with DSG is more than just a job, it’s a pathway to personal growth, opportunity, and being part of a family that values each member and where everyone makes an impact through the work they do.