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International Women’s Day 2024

Together, we exemplify the spirit of inclusivity and resilience, embodying the ethos of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day holds great significance at the Danny Sullivan Group (DGS). We met  with some of our remarkable women from DSG Headquarters to explore what this day means for them and to share their experiences as women within our sector.

Shannon Murphy, Accounts Payable

In my eight years with the Danny Sullivan Group, I have been supported by fantastic management throughout and provided with a number of opportunities to develop my skillset and build a meaningful career. The inclusive environment is embedded through the family values in the business and as a woman I have always felt respected, listened to, and empowered to contribute. But we know this isn’t the same experience for all women. We must keep having these open conversations, looking at how we can build inclusivity and support women to achieve their highest potential – not just in construction, but across all industries UK-wide.

Clare Stack, Senior Training Team Leader

Entering the construction industry wasn’t just a career choice for me; it was an opportunity to lead in a demanding role. Inspired by the tales of my male family members who have worked in construction, I found myself drawn to the dynamic nature and problem-solving challenges that this sector offers. Despite the industry’s typical male-dominated status, my experience has been nothing short of fulfilling.

 I have had the privilege of breaking barriers and inspiring other women. One memorable instance was during a challenging project where teamwork was paramount. Regardless of gender, we collaborated seamlessly, by embracing an inclusive culture fostered by strong leadership and transparent communication.

To women considering a career in construction, I say “seize the opportunity. Don’t let stereotypes or the industry’s male-dominated reputation deter you. Seek mentorship, build connections with other women in the industry, and believe in your unique abilities. Construction offers diverse roles, embrace the challenges as opportunities, knowing that your journey will pave the way for future generations of women. Take the leap—it’s worth it.”

Debbie Guinan, Payroll and  Billings Manager

Being a woman in the construction industry initially felt daunting, but my journey with the Danny Sullivan Group spanning 14 years has been transformative. Starting as a Payroll Administrator in a small team of three, I’ve steadily progressed to become the Payroll and Billings Manager, now overseeing, and supporting seven incredible, hardworking women.

The unwavering support, guidance, and opportunities for advancement have been truly empowering. We prioritise our people and uphold our company values, which I witness in action every day. Despite the ever-evolving landscape of the construction sector , I am continually impressed by our commitment to staying ahead of the curve and fostering an inclusive environment.

Working at the Danny Sullivan Group has not only allowed me to grow professionally but has also provided a platform for me to support and empower other women in their careers. Together, we exemplify the spirit of inclusivity and resilience, embodying the ethos of International Women’s Day.