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International Human Resources Day

Happy International Human Resources Day!

Today, we celebrate the dedication of HR professionals in fostering a positive work environment, attracting and retaining top talent, and driving strategic initiatives that propel us forward. At DSG, we’re proud of our fantastic People team, who work tirelessly to make our workplace a great place to be.

To mark this special day, we asked our team what working with people means to them and why they enjoy being part of the People team at DSG.

Abigail Tester, our Head of People & Engagement: “Like many of us in the world of Human Resources, and People; I fell into my role, and it has allowed my work and position to become so important to me. We have many relationships in our lives, and we each experience roller-coaster moments. My job is to bring the human-spirit into the workplace, and to tap into the contributions we all bring, true diversity. What do I think matters the most when working in HR? Presence, engagement, communication, understanding our people, and listening. We all have a story and each organisation’s story comes from its people.”

Danielle O’Leary, People Experience Assistant: “Working as part of the People Team of DSG Group enhances me to create effective solutions to problems and to touch base with people I do not normally work with. Working with people allows me to combine my skills and perspectives to find solutions to any problems and challenges that may arise every day. In working with people daily it is very important to understand individuality and allow people to voice their opinion . As a member of the People Team at DSG Group I always work to the best of my ability to put our employees first. I believe working with the People team enhances the use of my skills of accountability , adaptability and having a positive attitude to work.”

Ruairi Coffey, Head of Social Value, Skills & People Development: “For me, working with people is where I get the most enjoyment and satisfaction in this role. It’s working with people that enables you to get the job done. Processes, strategies, reports, KPI’s – these are essential tools for success, but it is the relationships we have as a team in DSG that create our success. Everyone’s passion is evident is every conversation and it’s gives you energy to keep pushing and challenge yourself to be better. One of my favourite quotes is “Growth is never by mere chance, it is the result of forces working together”.

Lula Walmsley, Marketing & Communications: “At DSG, I love being in the midst of people as I am a sociable person. I learn from those around me and come away feeling lighter. My green collaborative personality thrives in this environment, and being part of such a rewarding team really makes my role at DSG fulfilling. The People team embodies a culture of support, growth, and innovation, making every day an opportunity to contribute to and learn from the diverse talents within the company. Although people may not see Marketing and Communications as a ‘people role’ I would say they are wrong. I get to work with all departments, which gives me the opportunity to connect with others, share knowledge, and ultimately support growth, this creates a vibrant and fulfilling work atmosphere – I feel as though I have found my place!”

Olivia Charman, People Experience Assistant: “I always loved the below quote from Sheryl Sandberg. It’s what made me so interested in HR, the work that goes into helping not just the company you’re in but the people that make up the company. Being people focused is what ensures a happy working environment which in turn produces results for the company. “The true power of HR lies in its ability to unleash the full potential of every individual within an organization.” – Sheryl Sandberg”

Darren Edwards, People Experience Advisor: “Everything Changes When I Do.”

“I started my career in HR five years ago because I saw firsthand the impact decisions made at head office have on people; both employees and customers, but more importantly the impact managers have on people. I’d had my fair share of bad managers, you learn a lot from them, including how not to be one. It took me a long time to become good manager, longer to admit to myself that I was in-fact a good one, and I believe like with everything in life, it is something I will continue to learn and develop as I go.

We often see the flaws in others easier than the flaws in ourselves – be open to change, be honest with yourself, and be mindful of everyone around you. When you treat people like people, you’re already most of the way there.”

Clodagh Gavaghan, People Experience Advisor: “I enjoy being part of the People Experience team as it gives us the opportunity to positively impact the lives of our employees and grow the business through our people. People Experience plays an important role in any organisation because the department manages and promotes the most vital asset-people. Without people, there won’t be an organisation, to begin with.”