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Heathrow Airport

Client:  Ferrovial

The project at Heathrow entails the construction of a massive ‘box’ of 100m x 190m x 15m under the Kilo taxiway to safeguard space for the future development of T2. The works are located airside, between T2A, T1 and T2B.

Approval to obtain permits to construct the third runway at London’s Heathrow Airport has arrived after years of debate and more than a decade operating at 98% capacity.

In 2015, the Airports Commission, chaired by Sir Howard Davies, concluded that Heathrow was the best airport to increase air capacity in the South East of England.

In October 2016, the British government approved the Davies Commission recommendation. The decision was further endorsed by the House of Commons, which voted by a large majority in favor of Heathrow’s expansion in June 2018.

On June 18th Heathrow launched the largest statutory consultation process to date. The conclusions and feedback from stakeholder and community have been incorporated into the business plan. The next step in the process is the planning and submission of the DCO. We expect to submit a final proposal to the Secretary of State during 2020. Final Approval is expected to be obtained by the end of 2021.

The expanding Heathrow Airport will secure the United Kingdom’s position as a leader in the global aviation market. Expansion will generate 180,000 jobs and 187 million pounds in economic benefits.


Project in numbers

constructed box volume
jobs created by the expansion
£187 million pounds in economic benefits